State-Backed Synthetic Narcotics Trafficking Syndicates and the Vectored Threat to the Five Eyes Alliance

The Siren Perspective: This report examines the role of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance in combating the global narcotics trade and provides insights into the challenges facing law enforcement agencies in tackling this complex and profitable criminal enterprise, and how traditional enforcement methods are being replaced by intelligence-led operations and targeting the financial networks that support the trade.

Intelligence Alliance

The Five Eyes intelligence alliance, consisting of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, has been instrumental in combating the narcotics trade through intelligence sharing.

Narcotics Trade

The narcotics trade is a highly sophisticated and lucrative criminal enterprise that involves a wide range of actors, including drug cartels, organized crime syndicates, corrupt officials, and money launderers.

Financial Network

Traditional law enforcement methods have been ineffective in curtailing the narcotics trade, and the focus has shifted towards disrupting the supply chain by targeting the financial networks that support the trade.

Trade Disruption

Siren's investigative intelligence platform provides law enforcement agencies with a powerful tool to conduct complex analyses of large and disparate datasets, that are critical to disrupting the narcotics trade.

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