Simple Search Interface and Powerful AI-Driven Siren 14, Provides Advanced Intelligence Access To All

Available on mobile providing additional layer of officer safety

Powerful AI Search

New Search uses Siren’s AI engine powered by a semantic data model, to aggregate and interpret vast amounts of disparate data. Siren intuitively adapts search results, ensuring not only accuracy, but also the consolidation of all relevant connected records in one secure location. Siren has patented data fusion capabilities.

Accessible to all

We've reimagined the entire Siren navigation and usability, extending intelligence access to anyone in the organisation from Command staff to front line officers. New search makes Siren very intuitive to use, like browsing the internet or shopping online. Siren now ensures that anyone, regardless of their technical background, can search for intelligence and links, across multiple data sources and get immediate results on their desktop or in the comfort of their own phone.

Officer safety and fast actionable leads

No training required to search the largest intelligence database in the world and find fast actionable leads! Staff on the front-line can now do background checks on a person or a company, for example: before entering a site to assess the danger and decide if they need more backup or potentially not to enter at that time